Pretrial reform is critical to ending mass incarceration. Ending the use of money bail is one piece of pretrial reform - but it can’t stop there. The real call to action is to protect the presumption of innocence, build community power and free our people.


Our Mission

LA DENFENSA is a non-profit organization designed to defend the presumption of innocence and fight the use of pretrial detention. We work to transform California’s punitive systems through public education, community empowerment and policy reforms that decarcerate California and bring our loved ones home. Our work is informed by the legacy of the communities we belong to: Chicanx, queer, immigrant, undocumented, and working class people with incarcerated loved ones.

Con Safos.

Con Safos (c/s) - a Chicano term meaning "with safety." It is used by the Mexican-American community as a barrio copyright, placed on graffiti art as an honorable code of conduct.


  • Culture Shift: We challenge punitive approaches to public safety through public education and cross-movement collaboration.

  • Narrative Change: We develop culturally competent media content that centers the voices of those most impacted by incarceration.

  • Policy Impact: We advance bold pretrial reform that shifts power and funding away from law enforcement and private interests and into the hands of our community.

  • Power Building: We work to elect progressive candidates that advance community informed criminal justice reform.